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Valentines Day Feng Shui and What Women Want!

Valentine’s Day is the day that we set aside to celebrate Love!  Many people ask me about how to activate relationships and romance in their life.  In fact, it is...

the wave

Sanctum Design: making it conscious

Do our thoughts create our reality or does our reality effect our thoughts… which then again effects our reality… This question is like a Zen koan containing the answer in...

Feng Shui

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12th Feb 2014


What’s An Unresolved Issue?

Anything that disturbs our peace… have any? Navigating through life doesn’t always have to be a struggle and we all need clear guidance every once and a while to help...

I'm upset because

I’m Upset Because…

These words flying out of our mouths should be a red alert signal that you are about to enter the classroom at earth school again.  Spiritual Psychology believes that we...

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