Laura Pennington

SANCTUM: a Spiritual Psychology approach to healing


Q:  What makes a Spiritual Psychology approach to healing different than most other forms of counseling?

A:  Spiritual Psychology focuses on the belief that we are first and foremost spiritual beings here on earth to have an experience of being human.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than humans who have occasional spiritual experiences.

This human experience is a privileged classroom where we are placed with other brave souls to learn through life’s experiences and challenges in service to our souls’ evolution.  Along the way we are met with what appear to be difficulties in the form of attacks, judgments, disappointments and various other trials and tribulations. Many times we make unconscious decisions and judgments about ourselves and others during these challenging times in order to provide justification and validation to our existence.  By believing that somehow we have been victimized by another, God or life itself we are able to remain in a bound place internally that feels safer but actually saps us of the life force we are actually made of, leaving us exhausted, angry or ashamed inside.

This way of living in judgment keeps us closed off and broken and as long as we believe that we are somehow flawed or another is flawed, then the responsibility to show up for our own life and step forward to meet life remains held back and we experience life as one upsetting event after another.  Holding ourselves back from our own life takes more energy than stepping forward in faith.

In Spiritual Psychology we are able to uncover these unconscious judgments and beliefs and apply active loving and forgiveness that leads to deep healing for the last time. Through realizing that these experiences are simply ways that our soul evolves then they no longer hold such power over us and our journey becomes smoother.

I’m Upset Because…..

These words flying out of our mouths should be a red alert signal that you are about to enter the classroom at earth school again.  Spiritual Psychology believes that we are never upset for the reasons we think we are and that no one else has ultimate control over our emotional state.  We may not be able to choose what happens, but we do have the choice to be empowered in how we react to what life is dishing up for us.  This, in turn, determines how we actually experience our life on a daily basis as one bathed in peace or problems. The only reason I am ever upset is because I have decided that there is something unfair happening that I am the victim of.  What happens when there are no longer any victims and you subscribe to the belief that life is happening for you rather than to you?  How does your perception of situations change when you realize that the life, God, Spirit or whatever you choose to call it is actually conspiring to help your soul evolve and grow to its fullest potential .

What is Sanctum?


I love it when people ask me what Sanctum means. The Webster and Oxford dictionary define Sanctum as, “a sacred or holy place” and “an inviolably private place or retreat”.

In 1992 I was sitting in a small inner city Catholic Church in Upstate New York listening to a rather radical priest who was a friend of my family. I bowed my head to pray and when I looked up, my eyes rested on a large white marble alter engraved in gold with the word SANCTUM. It hit me like a baptism of fire and the words emblazed on my heart in that moment. The rest of the church disappeared and the priests’ sermon drowned out to a hushed background hum. I knew in that moment that one day, these words would reveal their true meaning to me.

Looking back at the formal definition, I too have used the word in the same way. It is not simply counseling that I offer (the inner sanctum), or merely feng shui design (the private retreat), although both are included. Sanctum is how I see and live in the world. It is becoming fully aware of how we can remove obstacles to our fulfillment through resolving hidden issues and how we can use our environments to support those changes in a very powerful way.

Sanctum goes deeper than feng shui, interior design or counseling alone, although ones may ask me to help with only part of the trio. Sanctum is the bridge between consciousness and design. Your living and working spaces reveal areas that flow in your life and also the areas that need attention. There is always a deeper reason as to why our toilet runs or our why we can’t let go of the storage in our basement. The work to clearing the way is not difficult, it just takes commitment and a willingness to explore, be open and take appropriate action.


Laura Pennington

Since 1992, I have been a sought after workshop leader, educator and writer. My specialty is in exploring solutions to life’s esoteric challenges in a practical and down to earth manner. I work with individual clients and businesses, advising in areas of environmental alignment, holistic design, geomancy, landscape design and conscious lifestyle creating using my skills as a feng shui consultant, interior designer and counselor.

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