Laura Pennington

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

It’s funny how people drift in and out of my life.  Even years can pass and like a barnacle on the back of a whale, I look around and there they still are!  Yes, that was a poor analogy, but sometimes it’s like that.  We swim on, in and out of new bodies of water, and lo and behold when we stop to take a look around at our new horizon, they are still attached! Maybe it’s a symbiotic relationship of sorts. Who’s to say?  They too, may benefit from remaining attached.

Is cutting the cord of past relationships always the best choice? 

This has always seemed to be my personal Waterloo and has become the cause of many a disagreement between myself and current boyfriends, as well as girlfriends.  “You need to cut the cord, let them go, pull the plug, do a clearing, burn the letters…” and the list goes on.  I always brace myself just a little inside when this sort of advise, or even sometimes a demand, is presented to me as “good, solid advise for my highest and best interest”.

My life experiences make up the tapestry of who I am.  Not a soul level, but in a way that has molded my character. I like the woman I have become, I truly do.  Maybe because of this, when I uncover a thread from my past that was once wound around my heart, I cherish it.  I don’t want to cut it out.  I would rather weave it through so that it blends with the others, yet still stands alone in its own magnificence as a vital part of the woman that I am. I feel a tenderness and a sometimes soft pang I my heart when I trace the line of a particular thread back through time. Some are longer than others, some bright and  colorful and others rich and dark . Some bring warmth and still burn bright while others remind me of courage and steps taken toward sovereignty.

No, I don’t want to cut any cords or break any precious threads. For this shimmering matrix is the mandala of my life and when I follow each thread to its source, that’s where I find God, and that is where love resides eternally unbroken.

What’s An Unresolved Issue?

I'm upset because

Anything that disturbs our peace… have any?

Navigating through life doesn’t always have to be a struggle and we all need clear guidance every once and a while to help us see our way through. This guidance is available to each one of us and is the most intimate relationship we can foster. The relationship with our own inner guide is the one that I am committed to helping you develop. Building this relationship with our self by learning to first listen and secondly, to trust ourselves, allows us to finally give ourselves what it is that we are searching for in our jobs and our relationships.

Once I was frustrated with an old pattern that kept rearing its ugly head, even after years of traditional psychotherapy, and a wise teacher of mine said to me, “Laura, knowing what caused the cancer doesn’t cure the cancer”. What I began to realize was that the continual digging into the past to find the cause of my suffering wasn’t the complete answer for healing. The microscopic focus on the part of my story that cast me as a victim to some life situation left me feeling helpless or self-righteous instead of empowered and alive. I was so focused on how I was wronged that I stayed bound up inside.

With Sanctum Spiritual Psychology counseling, I want to share with you what I found that set me free. I have been through it and come out the other side and what I am offering to help you do is not only find the cause, but also to activate the cure through the healing of memories, radical forgiveness and consummate action. These three steps are the key, I believe, to living a life with deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

SANCTUM: a Spiritual Psychology approach to healing


Q:  What makes a Spiritual Psychology approach to healing different than most other forms of counseling?

A:  Spiritual Psychology focuses on the belief that we are first and foremost spiritual beings here on earth to have an experience of being human.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than humans who have occasional spiritual experiences.

This human experience is a privileged classroom where we are placed with other brave souls to learn through life’s experiences and challenges in service to our souls’ evolution.  Along the way we are met with what appear to be difficulties in the form of attacks, judgments, disappointments and various other trials and tribulations. Many times we make unconscious decisions and judgments about ourselves and others during these challenging times in order to provide justification and validation to our existence.  By believing that somehow we have been victimized by another, God or life itself we are able to remain in a bound place internally that feels safer but actually saps us of the life force we are actually made of, leaving us exhausted, angry or ashamed inside.

This way of living in judgment keeps us closed off and broken and as long as we believe that we are somehow flawed or another is flawed, then the responsibility to show up for our own life and step forward to meet life remains held back and we experience life as one upsetting event after another.  Holding ourselves back from our own life takes more energy than stepping forward in faith.

In Spiritual Psychology we are able to uncover these unconscious judgments and beliefs and apply active loving and forgiveness that leads to deep healing for the last time. Through realizing that these experiences are simply ways that our soul evolves then they no longer hold such power over us and our journey becomes smoother.

I’m Upset Because…..

These words flying out of our mouths should be a red alert signal that you are about to enter the classroom at earth school again.  Spiritual Psychology believes that we are never upset for the reasons we think we are and that no one else has ultimate control over our emotional state.  We may not be able to choose what happens, but we do have the choice to be empowered in how we react to what life is dishing up for us.  This, in turn, determines how we actually experience our life on a daily basis as one bathed in peace or problems. The only reason I am ever upset is because I have decided that there is something unfair happening that I am the victim of.  What happens when there are no longer any victims and you subscribe to the belief that life is happening for you rather than to you?  How does your perception of situations change when you realize that the life, God, Spirit or whatever you choose to call it is actually conspiring to help your soul evolve and grow to its fullest potential .